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Personalized Picture Stories

It can be hard to find a children's book to meet every experience that comes your way, especially when you are trying to convey things that are difficult to put into "child-friendly" terms.


That is a big reason why I co-authored the I Have a Question book series.

Of course, the series cannot address every possible topic or help explain each challenge a family might encounter. When people started to reach out to me about topics not covered by our books, I realized that short picture stories could be personalized for each unique situation. 

Personalized stories (tailored to YOUR child) are now available on a variety of topics, including Selective Mutism, Cleft Palate and Diabetes. For each of these, the story is written from the perspective of the child (YOUR child!) who is experiencing something different from their peers.


The stories are intended to help a child understand their own needs, and to help their peers understand that they are more alike than different! 

Personalized stories (which will be sent to you as a PDF for you to print and share) can be ordered in my shop. Feel free contact me first to discuss your needs.

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